Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paul Ryan & GOP Clueless about seniors and Obamacare in 2012 and 2013: Use this to win in 2014!

Ryan discussed his mom on one of his first campaign stop to Florida and said that as a senior citizen she lived in WI in the summer and lived in Florida during the winter. He also stated that there is an unwritten rule in WI when you turn 65 you must move to Florida for the winter. It must be nice to have the means to obey that rule. Paul Ryan millions of senior citizens can’t afford to live in one house, apartment, town, city, or state let alone afford the expenses of maintaining and moving back and forth to avoid harsh winters. Millions of those same Americans need the provisions of Obamacare that includes obtaining insurance with pre-existing conditions and expanding Medicare and Medicaid. According to a USA May 29, 2013, story titled “States Report: Health Care crisis looms for seniors” one of the 8 in 10 seniors coping with at least one chronic condition. If you are a Republican and also a senior coping with medical issues It’s time for you to switch parties and/or volunteer and vote for Democratic candidates in 2014. Paul Ryan and the House GOP have voted 39 times to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act AKA “Obamacare.” Ryan, Speaker Boehner, and the GOP were wrong and out of touch with the average senior citizens needs in 2012 and they are still out of touch in 2013. Ryan is clueless about your needs especially your medical needs. To the Democratic Party become proactive just like McConnell is promoting an issue with an ad that he thinks will win additions seats in Congress for his party use the information in this post to create a Democratic ad NOW! Vera Richardson

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