Sunday, July 24, 2011

Was 2011 and The 2013 Debt Ceiling Limit Crisis Racially Motivated?

I believe that the extension of the debt limit debate is about race. The election of President Obama has caused many in this country especially Republican member of Congress to lose their collective minds.

In order to deny President Obama, a man of mixed racial heritage, a second term Republican congressional leaders Speaker Boehner, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, and Eric Cantor are willing to risk the economic well being this nation and the world.

What gives Speaker Boehner the right to use the 2010 mid-term elections as a mandate for their political vision and deny the fact that the 2008 Presidential election doesn’t give President Obama an even greater right to achieve his political vision for America?

UPDATE 1/15/2013 - DEBT-CEILING CRISIS was self-inflected by Republicans in 2011. Today after losing the 2012 Presidential Election Republicans Paul Ryan, John Boehner, and Senator McConnell are going to FORCE their will on the American people and on President Obama an African-American man who achieved the impossible two times with his reelection. In view of this fact I believe that the current debt ceiling blackmail by Speaker Boehner is racially motivated. Speaker Boehner is determined to not only force his party's will on country but also to punish the 47 percent referenced by Mitt Romney for voting for President Obama. He is also determined to force President Obama to break his campaign promise to SENIORS to protect Social Security and Medicare.
Vera Richardson

Author of Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer

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