Thursday, September 22, 2011

John Boehner Own Words Are Proof that He Broke 2010 Pledge to Create Jobs and Do the Will of the People

For two years especially during the health care reform debate John Boehner accused President Obama of ignoring the will of the American people. During his March 21, 2010, Hell No Speech on the floor of the House in opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act he stated in part “ we have failed to listen to America. And we have failed to reflect the will of our constituents.”

During Speaker Boehner’s November 2, 2010,  midterm election speech he stated in part: "Across the country right now, we are witnessing a repudiation of Washington, a repudiation of Big Government and a repudiation of politicians who refuse to listen to the people. "Because for far too long, Washington has been doing what’s best for Washington – not what’s best for America. Tonight, that begins to change.

"The people’s priorities will be our priorities. The people’s agenda will be our agenda. This is our Pledge to America, this is our pledge to you. These are the principles our new majority will stand for, and we hope you will stand with us in the hard work that lies ahead. Because we are humbled by your trust in us. And we recognize that with this trust comes the responsibility to listen, and listen we will. Let’s start right now by recognizing this is not a time for celebration. This is a time to roll up our sleeves and go to work. We can celebrate when small businesses are creating jobs again.”

Boehner hypothetical claim that Republican members of Congress represented the will of the people during the debt ceiling debate was not supported by facts. American s and Boehner knows the will of Americans because various recent polls results show that the American people want Congress to address creating jobs over budgets and deficits issues.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll last month found 60 percent of Americans approved of ending the Bush tax cuts for families making $250,000 a year.  Only 37 percent found it unacceptable.
Boehner’s current actions and position reflect the fact that he is not listening to the will of the American people as they related to Bush Tax Cuts.

 Sept. 8-11, 2011, Gallup poll: “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?” 39 percent stated Unemployment/Jobs; 28 percent stated economy in general; 14 percent stated dissatisfaction with government; 12 percent stated federal budget deficit. The result of the above mentioned polls shows that the 67 percent of American rank jobs and the economy as the most important problem facing America. Only 12 percent listed the federal budget deficit as the most important problem.

September 15-18th Gallup  poll shows that by a two-to-one ratio, Americans support Obama's plan to increase taxes on the wealthy and big corporations. The same share expects that his proposed stimulus, the American Jobs Act, will create jobs and grow the economy.

On September 15, 2011, in light of the President’s release of “The American Jobs Act,”  Speaker Boehner articulated his position that a reform of the tax code is needed to spur the national economy and create jobs.

In his speech, Speaker Boehner focused on the issue of deficit reduction and its broader effect on the economy. He stated that deficit reduction should not be achieved by increasing taxes. Moreover, he stated that if the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction could broaden its scope to include tax reform, it would be his position that economic growth would result in job creation. The Speaker explained his point by utilizing the correlation between taxes and jobs as an equation. Speaker Boehner stated, “It’s a very simple equation. Tax increases destroy jobs. And the joint committee is a jobs committee. Its mission is to reduce the deficit that is threatening job creation in our country.”

Speaker Boehner can’t have it both ways. He can’t demand that President Obama respect the  alleged will of the “American people” and ignore his own promises that he and his party will listen to the American people and the people’s priorities and agenda will be their priorities.

Boehner Own Words in my youtube video demands that he change directions and cooperate with President Obama. The time is now for Speaker Boehner to deliver on his November 2, 2010, midterm election promises and pledge to America.  WILL SPEAKER BOEHNER LISTEN TO AND RESPECT THE WILL OF AMERICA and introduce and fast track the America Job Act to House of Representative?
Vera Richardson

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