Sunday, September 11, 2011

Join Me - Become a CNN I-Reporter and Support President Obama!

President Obama said that change wouldn't come easy in this country and the Republican manufactured Debt Ceiling Crisis proved that he was correct. In 2008 President Obama also informed us that “we are the change that we seek."

Although President Obama has been opposed on many of his agenda items he hasn’t gotten weary or quit fighting for the American people including African-Americans. Therefore, we can’t get weary and give up. President Obama needs his supporters to voice their support of his presidency and their political opinions to the nation and the world. We must use everything and tool at our disposal to help re-elect him and democratic congressional members in 2012.

The CNN I-Report  platform is an excellent tool to join in the political discourse, silence the Republicans opposition, and support President Obama. Citizen journalists are allowed to post pictures, stories, and videos on Please join me and become a CNN I-Reporter. Your work will be reviewed and if selected and vetted it will appear on CNN’s platform including CNN network programs.

*** Find your Senators and House Representative Congressman  and contact him or her and post an I-Report on and tell him "to pass The American Job Act Bill."

Vera Richardson Author of  Screwed by Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer


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