Saturday, September 22, 2012

CHANGING Washington and America by Volunteering for President Obama

On September 15, 2012, I volunteered at President Obama’s re-election headquarters in Houston, TX. I volunteered because I am being the CHANGE that President Obama referenced and that I voted for in both the 2008 presidential and the 2010 midterm elections. More importantly I volunteered because I believe that for better or worse the result of the November 6, 2012, Presidential Election will forever CHANGE America. This election is this nation’s true Waterloo moment. On November 6, 2012, we must not allow the Republican Party to achieve their goals of making President Obama a one term president and/or “taking “OUR” country back. We are not going back or BACKWARDS. We are moving FORWARD with President Obama and his vision of CHANGING Washington in order to make America a more perfect nation that offers OPPORTUNTIES for equality, justice and a first class education for all of its citizens. Vera Richardson

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